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Consignment Agreement - Aiken

I agree and understand the terms and conditions for the consignment of my personal property with Savvy Home and Savvy Shopper LLC.


  1. All consigned items will be displayed for 90 days after the date of a signed contract. If the items have not sold within 90 days of the executed contract, the consigner has five days to pick up unsold items. After the 5-day grace period, the items become the property of Savvy Home or Savvy Shopper LLC and may be donated to a charitable organization of our choosing.

  2. All items on consignment in any of the Savvy Home stores will be priced as management deems fit for a fair market price based on our local knowledge and expertise.

  3. Savvy Home reserves the right to discount any consignment piece by 10% at any time and 20% after 60 days if there is no interest from customers to expedite the sale of said furniture.

  4. Commission schedule:  $1.00 -$499.00 consigner receives 50% of the sales price, and for any item of $500.00 consigner receives 60% of the sales price.

  5. All consigners will be paid for all sold items on the following month of the sale on the 10th of said month.

  6. This is a 90-day contract, and the items must stay in the possession of Savvy Home or Savvy Shopper LLC at all times during this contract. The Savvy Home or The Savvy Shopper LLC will not be responsible for damage to any furniture or items due to handling, fire, or any other natural cause.

  7. Savvy Home and Savvy Shopper LLC reserves the right to terminate this contract at anytime, and the consigner must pick up items within seven days of notification.

Please upload photos here:

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We will contact you to let you know if we will accept this consignment. Thank you for submitting your information.

If you prefer to download a copy and complete the consignment agreement manually, you can download it HERE.
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